10 Elegant Acrylic Nail Art Designs Ideas For Beginners

Acrylic nail designs have become very popular topic . Acrylic nails are really famous and how to make them according to trend. That is why today we are going to talk about some best designs for your nails. Let’s have fun. Acrylic nail art designs pictures and patterns in the pictures I am going to share gives you a lot of help about fake nail art.

I will talk about different one by one acrylic nail art designs. Hope you will like these acrylic nail art design ideas.We proudly presents best 10 acrylic nail styles for beginners. I hope you will love to do these styles at home.

Anchor Acrylic Nail Design

Anchor  Acrylic Nail Design


This design is very unique and very lovely. I loved the way in which this nail art looks. In this nail art you simply draw plus sign on the nail. Length of one side should be greater than other. Now make curve at the end of long side. Lastly make a large dot on the second end of long side with the help of toothpick.

Cross Acrylic Nail Designs


This nail art is very easy and simple.In this nail art we simply draw a plus sign with one greater side. you can make these signs on either one nail or on all nails. It depends on your choice that what you want.

French Tip Acrylic Nail Designs


French nail art looks very stylish and stunning. You can make different nail designs just on the tip of nail. This design gives you a casual look. You can apply this nail art in parties.

Turquoise Acrylic Nail Art Designs

 This nail art have pointy look. This looks very beautiful and charming

Cute Acrylic Nail Designs Cheetah


Cheetah nail art looks very funky. If you like to have some heavy look then you can add some glitter and rhinestone.

Acrylic Nail Designs With Rhinestones


Rhinestone nail art is very common and popular nail art

Red Flicks Acrylic Nail Design

Red Flicks Acrylic Nail Design
First you prepare your nails with white tip as shown in the following picture then take dotting tool or toothpick and make a dot on one corner of nail. Draw three small lines as they look like leaves .It gives your nail a beautiful look of red flicks.

Ideas Of Acrylic Nail Art For Winter

In winters girls want some different design. Only for this purpose here I have shared one beautiful and stylish winter acrylic nail design.

Yellow And Black Acrylic Nail Art

Yellow And Black Acrylic Nail Art

Beautiful combination of black and yellow color with artistic designing.

Black Polish With White Polka Dot Acrylic Nail Art

Black Polish With White Polka Dot Acrylic Nail Art


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